Show Rules

Prospectus For Show Entries

A. No craft work shall be shown without the prior approval of the Board. Such work is to be approved according to the nature of the show.
B. No classroom and workshop paintings may be shown.
C. All artwork must be properly mounted, matted and framed.
D. Members shall not use unreasonable prices to avoid sale. If artist does not wish to sell the work, it must be marked NFS (Not for Sale) or SOLD.
E. Artwork must have been produced within the last three (3) years. The work must be original work by the artist. No copies from other paintings, magazines or photographs (except for the artist’s own photographs).
G. The Board may schedule exhibits & shows in varying formats throughout the year and may establish minimum & maximum framed dimensions for the displays.
H. These standing rules may be amended at any regular meeting of PAA by a majority vote of the members voting; a quorum must be present.
The usual procedures for hanging artwork shall be adhered to. These procedures are explained in the bylaws contained in the Membership Directory.

Artist may enter no more than 3 in each category.

Categories:   watercolor/acrylics/pastel/mixed media/oil/drawing-pencil/sculpture/ceramics/photography

1st entry=$10.00, 2nd & 3rd entries $5.00 each per category.  (For example:  I’m entering three in watercolor and three in mixed media, so that will cost me $40.00. )

For the Winter Members Show we have a studio set aside for miniatures.

Artists can enter up to 10 at $2.00 each.  They must not be any larger than 12 inches in any direction, including the frame.  So the largest a framed miniature could be is 12X12″.


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