California Desert paintings by Joy Collier  –  these desert paintings were painted in oil and on location (in plein aire) during the late 1990’s.   Visit Deserts

These paintings are very special to me, I will never work in this way again but they gave me the in-depth knowledge of form that I now possess.

” I care most about capturing the strength of the form, the subtle richness of the color and tonal relationships, the way your eyes travel through the entire composition caressing the form, every curve and turn, enjoying the rich colors, the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the shadows.”

Education: Private Studies with Janet Church of Whittier, California and Taro Yashima at Yashima’s East West Studio in Los Angeles, California.

Janet Church: My mom found me an art teacher for the summer after my junior year in high school. Little did she know the profound positive effect this would have on my life. Janet Church changed my life. Not only did she teach me the tools to paint from life with but maybe more importantly a way to think, a way to use my brain and a love of the growth process. Janet taught me to love learning. The many hours we spent in the car driving to art classes in Los Angeles (to Taro’s house or studio) or out on location to the Laguna Beach tide pools or Carbon Canyon or … we talked. We talked about art and life. We talked about connections, how art related to life, how what we learned from our art lessons were lessons for life.

Janet herself had a hard time finding a teacher that really got down to her philosophical soul and one who was able to teach her the fundamental classical art tools that would allow her to teach anyone to paint from life. The Fundamental, Repeatable, Classical tools… that she would teach for the rest of her life.

Taro Yashima: When I met Janet she had recently discovered an artist named Taro Yashima. Janet called Taro a true genius. Taro who taught, “Art is the Search for the Truth” and would yell out at you in class in his broken English, “would you love your mother if she was flat!, where is your form!”. Taro wrote and illustrated numerous children’s books, painted from life and taught.

Phone:  559-781-2696


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The Porterville Art Gallery features the work of many professional and avocational local artists and is dedicated to presenting only the finest work for sale by the artists living in California’s Central Valley. The gallery’s displays cover a wide variety of styles and media. Please stop by to view our varied and constantly changing exhibits.


The mission of the Porterville Art Association (P.A.A.) is to promote visual arts in the Porterville area through workshops, educational programs, art exhibits, financial assistance to art students and other appropriate activities.







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