Featured Doll Artists

Becki Eaton, Joan Murdock & Jodi Carstensen

Show Runs

Jan. 18th – Mar. 11th, 2017

Reception February 3rd 5-8 PM

151 N. Main St., Porterville, Ca. 93257


Gallery Hours: Wednesday thru Saturday, 10 am – 4 pm


“Custom Crafted Dolls”

Becki Eaton doll Becki Eaton was born in Sacramento, California. She married her husband, Jay and moved to Porterville in 1963, where they lived until they built their home near Springville in 1970. She and her husband raised three wonderful sons together. Becki worked as a nurse for many years in the local area before retiring.

Becki learned to sew by hand when she was only six years old, and within a year, she was sewing with a machine. The first items she made were rag-dolls; after the rag-dolls, came doll clothing. When she purchased expensive dolls for her nieces, she would sew fancy outfits to go with each one of them.

After her children left home, she used her free time to learn how to quilt, an art form she had always been interested in. With her partial retirement from nursing in 1999, she was able to devote even more of her time to sewing. She took a few classes in doll making, which she found to be very pleasurable. For several years following, she made dolls to sell and even taught doll making classes.

Becki Eaton is now fully retired from her nursing career, so her doll making activities have increased exponentially. She is always striving to improve her skills. Her artistic talent is evident and exciting to those viewing her work. Becki attributes some of her doll-making creativity and quilting to Marguerite Barton, from whom she took painting classes in 1965.


dsc_9056Joan Murdock worked as a graphic artist for many years before becoming interested in dollhouse miniatures in 1992. While living in Sacramento, CA, she happened to come across a dollhouse miniature shop. Her curiosity got the best of her, and when she saw the ‘mini’ world, she was hooked and became interested in a new art form.

She joined the National Association of Miniature Enthusiast, and began to go to conventions. From these events, she contacted and joined miniature clubs where sharing ideas and techniques with the other members improved her craft. Her interest in porcelain miniatures increased, especially in miniature porcelain doll making. She figured out how to make them with movable arms and legs by using elastic thread. She would paint the faces with very fine brushes, sometimes cutting the brushes down to paint finer details. She used sewing and gluing techniques to fully dress the dolls, and used different materials for the doll wigs. Her favorite characters to make are story book characters and dolls from her childhood.

Joan and her husband moved several times throughout the years. They lived in Maryland and New Jersey, where the miniature clubs helped her improve her ideas. After retiring in 1998, they moved to Porterville.

Joan has kept her hobby alive and well all these years. However, there are few miniature clubs in the area, so she joined the Porterville Community Doll Club and the Porterville Art Association to remain active in her art. She greatly enjoys making and sharing her dolls with family and friends.

Last year, the newest materials being worked into box decorations were inlays of brass and copper; this month, it is inserts of dyed woods.  Six months from now, the designs will undoubtedly head off in still another direction, as Ron continues to learn, experiment, evolve and re-define his art.


Jodi Carstensen DollJodi Carstensen was born in Bakersfield, California, and is currently residing in Springville, California. She attributes her creative talents and process to her mother’s influence. She describes her mother as a free spirit who loved to play. Her mother instilled the love and exposure to art, sewing, cooking, reading, music, and drawing that made Jodi who she is.

Jodi attended her first class 40 years ago and has never stopped learning. After encouragement from friends and family, she participated in many artistic venues. Her work has been widely accepted and she has developed a loyal customer following. She has artistic desires and intends to continue learning new techniques and explore more creative ideas and crafts. She hopes to become more active in local artistic and creative events. She is currently in the process of developing a website to showcase her creations to a wider customer base.


dsc_9057 dsc_9059Bad Art Show

A special mini show called “Bad Art”; rejected works, tongue in cheek art and commercial junk,

you be the judge.

Reception Jan. 28th 5-7 pm


3rd Annual Student Art Show

February 25th – March 11th

Reception Mar. 3rd 5-7 pm

Porterville’s High Schools will be featuring our next generation of fine arts.



The Porterville Art Gallery features the work of many professional and avocational local artists and is dedicated to presenting only the finest work for sale by the artists living in California’s Central Valley. The gallery’s displays cover a wide variety of styles and media. Please stop by to view our varied and constantly changing exhibits.


The mission of the Porterville Art Association (P.A.A.) is to promote visual arts in the Porterville area through workshops, educational programs, art exhibits, financial assistance to art students and other appropriate activities.






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