Moments in Time

I grew up in Porterville and attended the local schools graduating from P.U.H.S. After graduation I attended Fresno State majoring in Art with a minor in Music.

I have many talents including sewing and creating my own patterns. I sang in my church  choir and played flute in the Porterville high school band under Frank ‘Buck’ Schaffer.

When I create my Art I am inspired by many things. Sometimes it is cultural political  with historical facts. Other times it’s what I hear or witness and take photos of.

The Under Ground Railroad influence was inspired by my son Sean when he graduation from Northridge State University. He asked me to paint some paintings that had women of the underground compared to women of the Bible. These were displayed in a show he put together titled ‘Mother Weep No More”.

The Black American Cowboys are also historical facts. The characters I chose were a personal friend of my family and a little known fact about what most thought they knew about the Lone Ranger.

Sometimes my mother inspired me by just talking about what she had experienced in her lifetime and by being my toughest critic.

The Birds, Flowers, and Insects are photos that I take around in my garden. The hummingbird and dragonfly was a ‘Moment in Time’ that I witnessed and then created from memory because at the time I had no camera to take the picture.

Now my attention has shifted to children and their complete innocence. All are created from photos sent to me by relatives and friends. My next project of inspiration will be migrant workers from the 1950’s.

I hope you enjoy my ‘Moments in Time’.

Jeanette Brewer the Artist


The Porterville Art Gallery features the work of many professional and avocational local artists and is dedicated to presenting only the finest work for sale by the artists living in California’s Central Valley. The gallery’s displays cover a wide variety of styles and media. Please stop by to view our varied and constantly changing exhibits.


The mission of the Porterville Art Association (P.A.A.) is to promote visual arts in the Porterville area through workshops, educational programs, art exhibits, financial assistance to art students and other appropriate activities.







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